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Changing The Way We Enjoy Food

Faraday Food Systems is the next logical step in product offerings from the Faraday brand. By teaming with one of the worlds largest hardware manufacturers (again), we are able to offer our custom one off locker solutions with cutting edge retail POS software that will make any new or existing restaurant, bar, to-go or ghost kitchen run more smoothly.

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Where next gen Hardware and equipment meets tried and true Software solutions.

Faraday Food Systems was created out of a need to provide cutting edge hardware to end clients, without requiring them to upend their entire ordering system. What started as a proof of concept, one off Drop-off/Pick-up locker for delivery, has turned into a full service hardware and software solutions provider.

By utilizing the the established ecosystem of solutions designed to scale your restaurant, our channel partner FoodHub ensures that we are able to create a custom solution for you, while helping to expand your UberEATs and to-go types of orders.

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App Clip Contact us

An App Clip is a small part of an app that's discoverable at the moment it's needed, even if the full app isn't installed. Restaurants can utilize App Clips for instant order pickups, allowing customers to swiftly pay for and retrieve their meals without downloading the full application.

Custom App Contact us

Leveraging the expertise of Faraday Inc, we excel in developing custom applications tailored to your unique operational needs and customer engagement strategies.

Pickup Software Contact us

Our custom pickup software seamlessly integrates with our innovative food locker system, providing a secure and efficient solution for managing and retrieving customer orders.